On the QSL Card

I’m not chasing QSLs this time around. I’ve said that before and, unless some rare station pops up – say something like the old St. Helena broadcasts – I plan on sticking to that. I may shoot off an email to a station, but gone are the days when I would meticulously record every aspect of a broadcast so I could send the perfect reception report and get that coveted QSL in return.

That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy pulling out my QSL albums from the 1980s and reviewing my first go-round as an SWL/DXer. On his photography site, Mike Osborn shared this great image and remembrance of his listening days. The Ghana and Togo cards in his picture are two of my personal favorites. I’ll write more about the Ghana card another time.

Photographic Memory


4 thoughts on “On the QSL Card

  1. I’m really pleased you found the QSL post and many thanks for linking to it. Great to discover your site which I look forward to reading in more detail. So there are still shortwave listeners out there!

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