Some Early Stats

I tuned the shortwave bands again for the first time in mid-March. After a few weeks of tentative listening, I started my new log book on April 5. So, a month (give-or-take) into my third go ’round as a SWL/DXer, it’s time to share a few observations and numbers.

In that month, I’ve purchased and tested three receivers. Two were returned, the first because it stopped working within the return period, the second because I felt like I needed a more powerful receiver. Today, I’m listening on an Icom R75.

I began listening on the whip antennas on my first two receivers. Later, I strung 40 or so feet of wire in a hidden part of our backyard. When the R75 arrived, I ordered a Par Electronics EF-SWL antenna which is now installed in our attic.

I’ve discovered some hellacious noise that comes from somewhere in our neighborhood that makes listening to anything under 7000 kHz very difficult most of the time. With the exception of the high powered US and Cuban stations, I’ve yet to hear anything in the Tropical Bands.

Putting in a couple hours, at most, each day, I’ve snagged 90 stations in 56 countries. All but one of those countries are ones I logged in my previous listening years. Some very light monitoring on the ham bands has netted 16 states and two Canadian provinces.

There are a lot of frustrations regarding shortwave radio that weren’t there when I was a teenager and spending way too much time listening to broadcasts in languages I couldn’t understand. That local RF noise. Radio Canada International is about to disappear with Radio Netherlands probably close behind. There are far fewer big broadcasters aiming towards the United States than there were 30 years ago, and assorted man-made noises make it more difficult to catch the domestic stations I would love to hear.

But this hobby is still a hell of a lot of fun. I think I’ll stick with it for awhile.