Clear Path

I’m putting the final touches on my revamped shack today, and hope to write about it later this week.

Last night, though, I experienced one of the great joys of shortwave listening: an opening to a particular geographic region. I was cruising the bands around 0100 UT and kept coming across booming signals from the Middle East and southwestern Asia. Iran, India, Sri Lanka, Kuwait, and various former Soviet republics were dominating the bands. I checked off three new stations and two new countries in an hour or so of listening.

I’m not sure if any of this qualifies as true grey-line DXing, although the sun had just set at my listening post and it was roughly sunrise near each transmitter I heard. While the stations I monitored weren’t exactly tough DX targets, it was my first time having a particular region boom in since my return to listening. It reminded me of nights and mornings in the 1980s when Africans and Indos and Papuan stations I rarely heard would pop up across the bands when conditions were just right. It’s those rare occasions that hooked me on listening 30 years ago.