Rig Troubles

I wanted one of my first posts to be a review of the receiver I had selected to restart my DXing career: the Crane CC Radio-SW. Then, as I was cruising the 31 meter band Tuesday night, the speaker popped and the AM bands went dead.

I changed the batteries. I plugged in the AC cord. I checked every setting. Nothing worked. Something bad clearly happened.

Which is a shame because I was enjoying the receiver a lot. For what I want to do with radio right now, it seemed like the perfect combination of performance and price.

Fortunately I was well within my return window, so I’m shipping it back tomorrow. But rather than exchange it for a replacement model, I decided to jump up to the other receiver I had my eyes on, the Sangean ATS-909x.

Once it arrives I’ll put it through its paces and then report back on both receivers.