Signing On

Hello! Welcome to my journey to rediscover the magical world of shortwave radio listening.

I first became a shortwave listener in the early 1980s. Through most of that decade, I spent many, many hours listening to signals from all over the world. By the time I went to college, and the hobby faded to the background, I was approaching 200 countries heard and verified.

I dipped my toes back in the hobby a couple times during the 1990s, but by the beginning of the new millennium, my radios had either been packed away or sold as I focused on career and family.

Every now-and-then I’d pull out the little Grundig portable that sits in my den’s closet and scan around. Usually I was frustrated by all the noise our modern home spills over the bands.

But recently I took a plunge and decided to become a shortwave radio listener once again. I bought a new radio. I’m stringing some wire soon. I’ve bookmarked some frequency list sites. And I’m reading DX Listening Digest each week.

As I scan through the waves, I’m struck by the differences in the hobby from my glory days nearly 30 years ago. That is what this blog will be mostly about. Ramblings and ruminations and observations on these changes and my experiences rediscovering something that was a huge part of my youth.

So don’t expect hot DX news. I will post the occasional logging, but it is doubtful with my set-up and time available to listen I’m going to be breaking anything new.